How to Choose a Topic for Your Informative Speech

An informative essay is a very typical writing task assigned for students as it focuses on the presentation of a problem, subject or event. Writing an informative essay presumes informing a reader about a certain topic, whereas the reader is supposed to know at least something about it. The level of your topic presentation in an informative essay is interdependent with the readers’ level of knowledge. Consequently, the reader should simply trace the idea in any kind of informative writing.

The best essay writing should correspond to certain criteria – it should be comprehensive, compelling as well as inform a reader about some events of things. The information should not be presented in a too sophisticated way as the target reader should understand it. However, you should also keep in mind that all your ideas should be supported with profound evidence. Do not choose those topics for your custom essay, which your professor will not accept.


Informative essay topics should focus on the presentation of certain information, not on the personal interpretation of the topic. A student will never get a positive grade if he or she writes an informal essay in a too personal manner and presents too many personal beliefs. A good topic for your essay should incorporate the most popular questions which are interesting for the society. However, you should not only choose “serious” topics; you can choose the topic which describes how you spend your leisure time etc. Nevertheless, there is no need to get upset if you cannot cope with this task. Our online writing company can provide you a high quality piece of writing which you can buy at a cheap price.

This is the list of topics which you can choose for your informative speech or essay:

  • The work of an engine;
  • The most popular stereotypes;
  • The function of human ear;
  • Steps to quit smoking;
  • Why all people get older: the cause and consequences;
  • Standard models of behavior;
  • Numerous scientific theories which have been disproved by modern researchers;
  • How we can see: the work of eyes;
  • How human organism functions;
  • The act of communication between people of different ethnical backgrounds;
  • The process of electrical conversion in light bulbs;
  • The process of natural selection and the influence of human factor on it;
  • The main elements of Marxism theory;
  • Why people yawn?
  • The work of physical scales;
  • Modern characteristics of matter;
  • The interdependence between sleep and our health;
  • The work of CSI and why so many students are interesting in obtaining this occupation;
  • The principles of ethics;
  • The modern characteristics of DNA;
  • The most popular crime prevention programs;
  • How scientists help patients with ADHD?
  • The influence of mass media on people’s lives;
  • The most popular religions worldwide;
  • The German tactics in the World War II;
  • The consequences of globalization;
  • Why some people can easier become addicts than others;
  • The strategies of successful entrepreneurs;
  • Financial support of aging population in the US;
  • The study of optics.

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