Save Time and Efforts and Earn Money with Our Affiliate Program

We are a custom writing service that maintains leadership positions on the market of custom writing. We demonstrate competitive advantages in comparison to the other similar services. Particularly one of them is the affiliate program we provide in order to demonstrate respect and gratefulness to our clients. We encourage our customers to be richer and save money while cooperating with us. Our affiliate program was devised while thinking about you and your academic future. So, feel free to earn with us.

If you have got interested in our affiliate program, read on to know its specifics. To enjoy the bonus system granted for you, it is needed that you involve in the promotional campaign. As such, you will have to distribute information about us to other people. The people you choose to send information to can be anyone who may be interested in the services: your friends, groupmates, groupmates, peers, family members, and so on. You will merely have to send information about us and at the same time get the desired bonuses. A great chance to earn, isn't it?

What Our System Offers:

  1. You get a bonus of 10% each time a person whom you recommended our service places a paper with us.
  2. The first-time customer is given a 17% discount for the first order placed with us. This discount is one-time.

How It Works?


Log into your personal room on the website by inserting your login and password.


Open the "Affiliate Program" page and pay attention to the following information: individual promo code, the email sending form*, and the referral link to the website.


Send the referral link to others via email. The target recipients are your friends, relatives, groupmates, etc.


Make sure to inform your friends that this link will bring an awesome discount when placing their orders for the first time.


The person clicking the link will be remembered in the system since the promo code can be used only once.


The total price for the order will be calculated automatically taking into account the discount.

*This is the "My friends' email" form, type the email addresses of your classmates, friends, relatives, and other potential customers to The link contained in the email will provide concise information about our services and guarantees. Clients will from now on be able to receive email notifications from our company.

Benefits of Our Affiliate Program

The primary perk is that you will be able to become a part of the bonus rewards. You get a bonus each time the new client being advertised to our company by you purchases the paper with us for the first time. The bonuses are stored in your account and you can use them at any time to pay for your own papers. As well as that, you can also withdraw the money via PayPal. There is an option to pay partially with money and partially with bonuses if you do not have enough bonus points.

Start cooperating with us and make your dreams come true. You will be able to save your efforts, time, and money while still buying orders from us.

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