Controversial essay writing

Controversies are an integral part of the modern world. Many people, societies and cultures have numerous conflicts concerning a variety of issues. Topics of such issues can be called controversial ones. Controversial issues are all about raising ethic and political questions that influence the general public, and can have more effect in some societies or countries than in others. For instance, euthanasia is a controversial issue as many people believe that killing terminally ill people is unacceptable. Still, there are several societies that have legalized euthanasia to ease the pain of patients.

There are numerous controversial topics for essays ranging from religion and politics to science and law. If you are about to write an essay but can’t come up with the topic, there is a list of themes for your essay writing. Keep in mind that when working on your controversial essay, you need to provide arguments for or against to prove your point.


  • The death penalty is justified and should be accepted in all countries.
  • Abortion is a serious crime and should be prohibited in the US.
  • Religious education should be increased in schools.
  • Animal testing is necessary for producing cosmetics.
  • Internet censorship is of vital importance.
  • Gender stereotyping has a positive effect on societies.
  • The war in Iraq was justified.
  • Marijuana should be banned.
  • Euthanasia should be allowed.
  • Globalization is beneficial for all countries.
  • Genetic research is of vital importance.
  • Unhealthy food should not be sold in schools.
  • The cure for cancer has already been found but pharmaceutical companies hide it.
  • Dictatorship is a proper former of governance.
  • Going green is a waste of time and effort.
  • Schools should increase sex education.
  • Divorce is a way to avoid domestic violence.
  • Cutting rain forests should be stopped.
  • Gay marriages should be accepted everywhere.
  • Global warming is the result of increased solar activity.
  • Tax avoiding schemes should be claimed illegal.
  • Fuel prices can be reduced by increasing oil drilling.
  • GM crops can solve the problem of hunger in Africa.
  • The meaning of life won’t be found.
  • Computers will never be able to replicate human mind.
  • McDonald’s should be banned everywhere.
  • Bill Clinton was a great president.
  • Atheism should be taught at schools.
  • Celebrities should never become politicians.
  • Intensive meat production should be significantly reduced.
  • Russians were the first to land on the moon.
  • The European Union should be disintegrated to save the economy of its countries.
  • Immigration should be allowed only for skilled workers.
  • Nuclear weapon should be banned in Asia.
  • Dams should be built to control the level of water in dry regions.
  • No sanctions for carbon emissions for developing countries.

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