Descriptive Narrative Essay and Its Writing

Descriptive writing is a special type of writing which presumes describing a particular event or a thing. A descriptive essay always incorporates an element of description or representation of something, which means that it does not matter which topic you decide to choose. Therefore, you can choose any catchy topic for different types of essay, so that writing a descriptive essay may become pleasurable for you.

If you want to get positive feedback for your descriptive essay, you should use certain patterns and techniques which will draw readers’ attention. One of the most important things you need to remember when accomplishing descriptive writing tasks is that you should represent your topics in the smallest details, so that the reader will know everything about your chosen topic. Furthermore, you should not forget to use “sense words” which represent touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Their usage will make a custom essay look more vivid. If it is impossible for you to complete such tasks, you can buy a descriptive essay at a cheap price online.


Below you can find the suggested topics for descriptive essay examples. You can choose one of them, but you always have a chance to create your own topic which you want to explore.

  • Description of any war;
  • The most memorable film you have watched;
  • Imagine that you are a hostage at a war camp. Describe your actions;
  • Consequences of alcohol abuse;
  • Imagine your perfect weekend or day;
  • Imagine that you live underwater;
  • Describe one of your ordinary days at school;
  • Imagine that you take part in a well-know historical battle;
  • Everyday life routine;
  • Describe any festival you participated in;
  • Describe what you felt while flying on the airplane;
  • Describe any celebrity you like;
  • Describe the view that is seen from a skyscraper;
  • Imagine that you are a president. What will you do?;
  • Describe a process of an engine work;
  • Describe the consequences of substance abuse;
  • Describe how a good person should behave;
  • Describe racial differences and biases which come along with them;
  • Describe the eruption of volcano you once saw;
  • What do you hear, smell and see when you walk through a small village?;
  • Describe the trip to Grand Canyon;
  • Imagine that you are the main hero of a movie;
  • Describe your trip to any European country;
  • Describe the wedding ceremony which takes place in a church;
  • Describe your feelings if you were left in a jungle;
  • Describe the Earth from a shuttle;
  • Describe your feelings when you leave our planet to settle your life on another one;
  • Describe your actions when an earthquake begins;
  • Viola and cello: what differences are between them?;
  • Describe your attitude to 10 commandments;
  • Describe a person who plays the most important role in your life;
  • Imagine that you have an opportunity to travel in time. What would you do?;
  • Describe a perfect place where you would like to live;
  • Imagine that you drive across the US. Where would you like to live and why?

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