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A movie critique is a type of academic writing, where you are supposed to provide a critical analysis and a thorough evaluation of the assigned movie or the movie that you like. As such, when you are writing a movie critique, you are expected to provide a short summary of the movie plot (i.e. provide the background of what the movie is about) but to mainly focus attention on the critical analysis of the movie. Evaluation or critical analysis here denote one's ability to provide an argumentative piece of work, where you balance strengths and weaknesses of the movie. Moreover, you need to provide your personal opinion or evaluation of the movie - whether you like it or not. The evaluation of the movie critique refers to whether the movie is worth watching. Therefore, when providing the evaluation, be sure to include your opinion and reflect on the movie. Nonetheless, when working on the paper, it is essential not only to provide your personal viewpoint but also to provide strong supporting evidence, such as examples, illustrations, and some expert opinion. This supporting evidence will help your readers understand how you arrived at a specific conclusion.

Before writing a movie critique, it is essential to feel the difference between provide a critique and criticizing something. When you criticize a movie, a book, an article or any other piece of work, you focus mainly on the negative points, whereas when you provide a critique, you pinpoint to the strengths and weaknesses of a specific literary work or a film. When writing a critique, it is essential to start with the brief summary of the plot and introduce your reader to what the movie is about. Afterwards, you need to weigh the pros and cons of the movie and arrive at a conclusion telling whether the movie is boring, interesting, exciting, thrilling, etc. To make the critique even more engaging to read, try not only to provide some general opinions or evaluations but also to delve deeper into details in order to conduct a thorough analysis. If you find it hard to provide a well-balanced paper, do not hesitate and contact our movie critique writing service for professional assistance.



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