Topics to Write a Narrative Essay

A narrative essay is a kind of creative writing, which concentrates on your depiction and retelling about some events. All written narrative essays have many features in common – the narration is usually long and it gives a number of details about a particular event so that readers visualize themselves in that imaginary world. All narrative essay examples which you can buy online at a cheap price can serve as models on how to write a descriptive essay as they highlight the most important elements to be used in this type of writing. Moreover, it is not necessary to narrate the event in a prose form as you can always write a narrative poem.

Narrative essay writing is assigned for students to develop their creative skills, with the help of which students can present information from a different perspective and give their explanation of the topic. If you follow certain writing techniques while working on your custom essay, the reader will never stop reading your piece of writing.

A narrative descriptive essay can present various things and events. You can describe any situation which happened in your life, any historical battle, or you can create a fictional essay. A narrative essay incorporates such genres as autobiographies, scripts and dialogues, which means that a certain style should be used while presenting information.

It is very easy to create your own topic for the narrative essay because everything can be described, presented and narrated. However, if you cannot come up with your personal topic, you can choose one of the topics presented below.


  • Imagine that you have to teach 3-grade students. How will you do it?;
  • You have been elected as a President of the US. Describe your personal speech for the whole country;
  • Describe your emotions when you get scared;
  • Describe the best place in the world you would like to visit;
  • Recollect one of the memorable events which happened in your childhood. Why is it so memorable for you?;
  • Narrate about your ordinary day;
  • Describe what you did to look like your role model;
  • Describe the time spent at a live concert;
  • Narrate about your favorite movie star;
  • What does ideal job mean to you?;
  • Narrate about the plot of the book you have recently read;
  • Describe the life in a desert;
  • Create your personal movie plot;
  • You took over the whole world. How would you change it?;
  • Describe your dreams and steps you take to make them real;
  • Narrate about your favorite song and what do you find special about it;
  • Describe what you would do if you had the superhero powers;
  • Describe how you would lead your life when you get old;
  • What season do you like the most and why?;
  • Imagine that you were given a pet that can talk to you. Which animal would you choose?;
  • Imagine what might happen if there is no electricity in any country?;
  • Narrate about your friendship and why you appreciate it;
  • Describe the most outstanding features of a character that your friend should have;
  • Describe how you learn new information;
  • Describe how you get nervous and which are the reasons for this?;
  • Describe your life on an unknown island;
  • Narrate about your family’s values;
  • Describe your responsibilities as a law-obedient citizen;
  • Describe a situation which you would like to live again and again.

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