How to write an informative essay and what should you keep in mind during the writing process? Besides the deep knowledge of your subject and your ability to give information in a clear and organized way, the process of writing should be methodical; you are going to write a great informative essay, aren't you? Let's move on to the basic steps that should be taken:

Part 1. When You Select and Research Your Topic

  1. Make sure you've understood your assignment properly

    It goes about the required length, how much information should be gathered and presented. Ensure that you've understood formatting requirements and the way your sources should be cited.

  2. Choosing a topic

    You may need to pick your own topic if it hasn't been already assigned. You might get stuck at this point because of the variety of choices, so follow the suggested rules to make your choice much easier:

    Keep in mind that your topic needs to be neither too narrow nor too broad. Remember that the topic shouldn't be boring for your audience, ensure that it is appropriate. Think over who may be reading your essay a soon as it is an essential thing to mind your target audience. The topic should be interesting personally for you, thus it will be much easier to write and enjoy the whole process.

  3. Conducting a good research

    Implementing merely reliable sources of information is of the first magnitude when it comes to an informative essay. You need to gather accurate data. What concerns online sources, they need to be from reputable government agencies, organizations, and universities. Google Scholar is a great source to start with.

  4. Make notes

    No matter what you prefer typing or using a sheet of paper, you should write down every interesting fact that you find. It's better to keep all your notes in one place in order not to find them everywhere when you need to look through them. Writing an informative essay suggests that you have an introduction, a few main points, and a conclusion.

  5. Record your sources

    You are usually required to insert the author(s), title, publisher, copyright information, and website address (if relevant).

  6. Brainstorm your ideas

    Once you've collected enough material from your research, the next step that should be taken is brainstorming. When you brainstorm your ideas, you see which relevant group the information goes to and the connections between the groups.

Part 2. When You Make an Outline

  1. Your introduction

    Think of the idea that you'd like to be in your thesis statement that is usually three or two sentences in length.

    If you have any trouble with your thesis statement right at this step, don't worry. It is okay and you can manage it later.

    It might seem weird to summarize the essay before you've written it, but if you write your thesis at the beginning of your outline, you the same way choose the most important details and ideas that you'd like to present.

  2. One main supporting detail for every paragraph in the body of your essay

    Mind that your overall thesis should be demonstrated by the major details which were chosen from your research. The paper length indicates the number of details you need to use: a five-paragraph essay suggests that there are three paragraphs for the body. Pay attention to the most important details, and ensure that they are different from one another.

  3. Include supporting details for each paragraph in the body

    After identifying the main point of each paragraph, write down supporting details which make the understanding of the paragraph's main idea much easier. It means using quotations, examples, and facts.

  4. Repeat your thesis in your conclusion

    Your conclusion is a summarization what have been already written, that's your final chance to ensure your reader gets the point you've written about.

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We hope you've liked our tips on how to write an informative paper. Following the suggested steps your writing process will be enjoyable as it has never been before!

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