If you're wondering how to write a movie review, then you have found an article that will give you most of the answers. First of all, let's try to understand why movie reviews are necessary. Tens of thousands of movies are being produced each year and we have no possibility to watch all of them. Reading movie reviews allows us to see the opinions of other people about the movie and make a decision whether we want to see it or not. The more reviews we read the more balanced opinion we will have. If you want to produce high quality movie reviews, you need to follow a certain structure, which is similar to an academic essay structure. It consists of introduction, body, recommendations and conclusion. Let's see what each part of a movie review should include:

  1. The introduction

    Movie review should start with an introductory part, which should include the summary of the movie and your overall opinion, which you will explain later in the review. The introductory part of the movie review should be attractive and engaging in order to make the reader want to read the whole review. You should give your thesis in the introduction and make sure that it's original and compelling. It's better to use the thesis to show how the movie connects to the individual and for which audience this movie was made.

  2. The body paragraphs

    This part of a movie review explains the thesis that was given in the introduction and covers the accomplishments and fails, which you have noticed in the movie. Such aspects as acting, cinematography, soundtrack and setting should be discussed in this section of the movie review. Make sure that writing is easy to understand and transitions between body paragraphs are smooth. If you want your review to have a professional and realistic feeling, it is better to include opinions and facts about the movie, and also use examples, dialogue snippets and analogies.

  3. Recommendations

    Movie review structure can include a recommendation section. However, it is not a necessary part of the movie review. Recommendations should make the reader understand if the film is worth the money.

  4. Conclusion

    Conclusion of the movie review should be connected to the thesis and suggest the reader to watch the movie or not. It should unite all your ideas about the movie and make it very clear to the reader whether you recommend this movie or not and why. Try to make it entertaining and compelling at the same time.

When you have completed writing each part of the review, it should be polished through editing. Check it for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and see that structure is solid, ideas run smoothly and each line is in tune with the thesis statement. You can also share your movie review with friends and ask their opinion about it.

Writing a movie review ceases to be a difficult task after you've read this guide!