More often than ever, many people nowadays are suffering from boredom and times of apathy. Some years ago, I also had rough times and I even suffered from the bursts of depression when my therapist recommended me a book Your Erroneous Zones written by Wayne W. Dyer. Actually, back then, it was one of the best pieces of advice that I received. This book gave me many insights, but the most important things I learned to deal with were boredom and apathy. One of the important things that I discovered was that boredom as well as happiness or enjoyment is a by-product of our own choices. As a matter of fact, if you always have things to do and keep yourself busy, you will less likely suffer from boredom.

To help you overcome boredom, I have devised a list of 10 things that will help you regain your inspiration and energy when you're bored.

  1. Go for a walk

    Go for a walk when you're bored!

    When spending some time outside enjoying nature and picturesque landscapes, make sure you are not distracted by gadgets. Leave your phone at home and just enjoy the view. From time to time, just stop and stare.

  2. Buy a small set of hand weights.

    Do some physical exercises when you're bored

    If you don't have enough time or energy to go shopping, buy them online on Amazon. So, the very time you feel you are bored, grab them and do some physical exercises.

  3. Organize and clean your space

    Bored? Organize and clean your space

    It does not mean that you need to clean your whole apartment or everything in your room. You might start from something small like your working place, underwear drawers, wardrobe, etc. Do not forget to get rid of things you do not use. Free space from garbage.

  4. Make some new online friends

    Bored? Make some new online friends!

    Visit some blog discussions in the threads of your interest. Start communicating with someone and, who knows, probably you will find your soulmate with whom you will share your interests.

  5. Throw a party and have fun with your friends.

    Bored? Throw a party!
  6. Find some podcasts with your favorite music and just dissolve in it.

    Bored? Dissolve in podcasts with your favorite music!
  7. Make some to-do lists, goals-lists or lists with plans for the upcoming year

    Bored? Make some to-do lists!

    These lists can include even the simplest things: books you want to read, episodes you want to watch, dishes you want to cook, places you want to visit, etc.

  8. Enjoy your favorite music and dance to it.

    Bored? Dance!
  9. Coddle yourself

    Bored? Do some online shopping!

    Do some online shopping and order the stuff you have long dreamt of. Probably you have long thought about some fragrant body lotion, nice outfits, handmade chocolate, etc.

  10. Devote time

    Bored? Devote time to some project!

    Devote time to some project, which you have been postponing for months. It's high time to make some preparations.

As you see, there are so many things to enjoy instead of wasting your energy on depressive mood. Notice simple things: go to the library, grab some book that appeals to you most, and go to the local park or to your garden to read it. Just enjoy your life to the fullest!