Everyone knows that working out is good for your health, but few people actually exercise on a regular basis and stick to the fitness routine. If you still can't make yourself do it, this article is for you. It will show you how to start working out and give you the tips to firmly establish your exercise routine.

  1. Appreciate Yourself

    It's good to focus on your goals, whether it's to fit a certain dress or attain a certain weight. But you should also appreciate your body as it is now. Start with a positive perspective instead of being obsessed over your problem areas. Love yourself for who you are. Because otherwise, you may fail to appreciate yourself even when you reach your fitness goal.

  2. Take Selfies

    It helps you keep track of your progress. But don't do it after every workout. Once in several weeks is enough to see how you've progressed. It's also a good idea to measure your body to see the result and keep yourself motivated.

  3. Start Small

    If you haven't worked out for a long time, start small. Come back to exercising slowly even if it means working out for only 10 minutes a day. It will help you start a new habit.

  4. Schedule Your Mornings

    Fitting your workout routine into your morning activities will require your dedication and hard work. Delegate some of your responsibilities to your spouse or kids, prepare some of the things in the evening and do whatever else you need to have more free time in the morning.

  5. Overcome Your Fears

    If you're overweight or inexperienced, the gym can be a scary place for you. But it's not as scary as you think. In fact, most other people focus on themselves and pay no attention to your workouts. Keep that in mind and your fear will gradually fade.

  6. Be Ready to Fall

    We all make mistakes. And sometimes you can fail on your diet or exercise routine. Don't judge yourself for that. It's not an excuse to stop doing everything. Just accept that you've made a mistake and keep going, making sure you won't repeat it.

  7. Prepare for Week Three

    Statistics say that week 3 is the time when most people quit. Workouts get harder, but the results are not as evident as you want them to be yet. So be ready for that. Keep yourself motivated during this hard time. Reward yourself for all the smallest things you've done or try something new.

  8. Find Something You Like

    The best exercise for you is the one you enjoy doing. So if you hate your workout routine, you should change something in it. Find the exercises you like, add something new, or call your friends to exercise with you.

  9. Do It for Yourself

    Remember that you're the one who will have the new body and better health. So whatever you do during workouts, you do it for yourself, not for your spouse, mother, friend, or whoever else.

Are you ready for your new workout schedule now?