Debt Limit

The main object of this essay is to analyze the article named “The House GOP is Bracing for Debt-Limit Battle and Likely to Target Obamacare First” by Lori Montgomery and define how this article is governmental, political and structural. Its central idea is to describe the current political situation around the governmental debt and its limit, as well as possible decisions offered by the major political parties. The article raises a number of crucial issues that ought to be resolved within the nearest time. These issues include Obamacare (the president's plan aimed at reforming of the national health care system), increasing debts, ways lawmakers operate with the national debt limit and others. We will consider the abovementioned issues in detail.

It is out of any question that this article is political. It is dedicated to the problems of a political character that are extremely meaningful at the present time. Among the most significant of them are deadlines of the national debts and ways representatives of different political parties try to leverage the current situation. The most noticeable political process represented in the article is governmental contest between the Grand Old Party (in particular its most active representative is John A. Boehner, the House Speaker) and Democratic Party. After lawmakers return to Washington, Republicans are trying to lay out how to cope with the debt deadlines coming up. One of the main resolutions this party suggests is to cut down financing of the Obamacare instead of increasing taxes for reach people and thus fill in some gaps in the country budget. John Boehner is promising “a whale of fight” within the political framework, the purpose of which is to set restriction over the increase of the debt limit. This strategy is offered because the reforming and cutting down of governmental expenditures, in his opinion, are more suitable than increasing of the debt ceiling. Among most crucial political innovations represented in the article one may find a short-term budget bill offered by John Boehner as well. It seems to support the situation around debt and enter next fiscal year without great losses. The urgency of the current problem is explained with the fact that the law about obligatory medical assurance is supposed to gain force from January. Therefore, all governmental forces should figure out concrete decisions as soon as possible. Moreover, it is shown that if the government does not take appropriate measures it is going to face fearful figures concerning rising of the debt ceiling under the current law. Tough interrelationships are underlined with the remark that Democrats accused the Republican Party in provoking of a new political crisis that could be avoided, claiming that threatening of business and weak economic recovery is unsuitable in the nowadays situation.

As can be seen, this article depicts crucial political and governmental issues. The most interesting of them are concerned with the discrepancy between the major parties and possible debt limit resolutions. All problems described herein are very important since any final decision related to the budget limit is likely to have serious consequences. The represented material reveals to the reader that each of the major parties has its vision of the current situation and possible resolution. At the same time, it is clear that without determined way out of the budget trouble, it might become more severe. The author's thesis about the debt limit expresses the article's central idea. She explains the topic thoroughly and consequently. The represented evidences are appropriate and suitable because they are directly related to the topic and main idea of the article. All of the author's statements are clear, easy to comprehend, and lead to logical conclusions. Therefore, this article is governmental, political and structural.



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