JSTOR Assignment

For this assignment, I accessed online JSTOR database of ITHAKA, "A not-for-profit organization that helps academic community use digital technologies to preserve the scholarly record and to advance research and teaching in sustainable ways" (ITHAKA, n.d.). I had a good experience of accessing, searching and locating needed materials via this resource. I think it is user-friendly and has a lot of articles on various subjects. I used to access another database for searching for materials that I needed for my courses. It is called EBSCO HOST. I give preference to JSTOR since it has easy-to-use interface, and search results show more articles per one page which results in less page flipping. Also, it allows searching books and journals separately.

I found three articles that could be useful for further studies of the course on imperialism. First is Patterns of British overseas investment in land, 1885-1913 by A. Christopher (1985) in Transactions of the institute of British geographers, 10(4), 452-466.

Second article is A structural theory of imperialism by J. Galtung (1971) in Journal of peace research, 8(2), 81-117.

Title of the third article is On the decline and fall of empires: The Roman empire and Western imperialism compared by J. Galtung, T. Heiestad and E. Rudeng (1980) in Review (Fernand Braudel Center), 4(1), 91-153.

I found these articles by searching with "imperialism" as a key word. Articles are not too difficult to read, although as a academic sources they use rich vocabulary, and sometimes require use of a dictionary for identification of meaning of some words. Each article provides good overview and comprehensive analysis of different sides of imperialism. For example, first article covered the theme of oversea investments and how it affected society, industry development and politics at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th centuries. In second article, Galtung (1971) provides insight into inequality between nation and system of dominance in international relations. I think this article touches on the same theme as George Orwells's Shooting an elephant. In last article, Galtung, Heiestad and Rudeng (1980) present interesting analysis of similarities between imperial politics of Roman Empire and Western world. I think I could use article A structural theory of imperialism in college term paper to gain further insight into imperialism phenomenon and understand how relations of dominance between nations "do not disappear with the disappearance of imperialism" (Galtung, Heiestad & Rudeng, 1980, p.81).



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