Holocaust Museum Review

From all points of view, Holocaust Museum is not by any means enjoyable place to visit; however, it is impeccable. It gives a clear vision of awful and sad event that happened over a half century ago. Moreover, millions of people died in this horrible period, and this cannot be forgotten. Holocaust Museum gives rather illustrative examples and may form a basic notion about the events of that time. Moreover, it puts all timelines into the one story; however, it is difficult to comprehend all given information.

The genocide against Jewish people was the state-sponsored prosecution by Nazi Germany in 1933-1945. The Nazi led by Adolf Hitler killed approximately 6 million people on the occupied territories. They called holocaust "the final solution of Jewish question". Moreover, the Nazi regime created special killing squads and extermination camps to imprison and kill people. In 1933, when Nazi Party gained the power, the population of Jews in the Europe was about nine million. Nearly two-thirds of the Jewish people were killed after the end of World War II.

However, there were other victims of the Nazi regime and its collaborators - approximately 200 thousand Roma, at least 250 thousand physically and mentally disabled people, and from two to three million of Soviet prisoners of war. All horrors were exposed to the world after the liberation of the extermination camps. The world saw the horrors that were never so crucial for the mankind. The museum is very helpful for people who are not aware of such an awful event. In fact, there is a lot of information to intake while visiting Holocaust Museum. Moreover, this museum builds the events of that time into timeline that truly tells the story.

Holocaust Museum is a very important place to visit, because it exposes the events of that time. However, Holocaust is one thing that should have never happened again.



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