Importance of Time Management for Students

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People's life is full of daily routine: school, university, work, family, and household chores among others. There is no time for everything. Maybe the most important period in everyone's life in terms of managing his or her time is studying at school or university. This is the time when young people do not have a family, want to live a saturated life, but at the same time have many duties in their academic activities.

Each successful person is acquainted with the time management. It is "a set of principles, practices, skills, tools and systems that help us use time to accomplish what we want" (Kenneth, 2011). It allows achieving such goals as: to eliminate the waste of productive hours, to be better prepared for lessons, to reduce excessive workload and boosting discipline (Kenneth, 2011).

Following the fixed timetable is a challenge for everyone. There are several tips which will help to master this simple science. First, one of the most important things in managing the time properly is planning by using smartphones, paper, white boards or simple lists (Krause, 2016). The next step is prioritizing. Having a long list of things to do, it is necessary to define which of them are the most burning and should be done in the first order (Krause, 2016). Hence, people can focus only on important things.



Third, dividing big tasks into small parts can save a lot of time and efforts. People always postpone difficult challenges. As a result, there is no time left to do these. Dividing them into sections can help to distribute the assignment into easy and short time actions (Krause, 2016). It is not as exhausting both physically and psychologically. The next tip is delegating commitments if needed. For example, if students are working in a team, they have to define the strengths of each member to make the task implementation most efficient (Stiner, 2016). Therefore, each student does the part which is the easiest for him, so that the work will be accomplished in the best way.

There are many disruptive factors, which distract the attention from the implementation of needed activities. These can include social networks, cell phones, surfing the Internet and . Before starting the work on some task, it is better to switch off all messengers and entertaining programs (TV shows, serials, etc.) (Stiner, 2016). Another tip is to plan the daily downtime (Stiner, 2016). It is hard to concentrate attention on the work all the time. Each person needs to have a break to relax and to restore powers.

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Multitasking is not always a good feature. It takes a lot of time to focus on various ventures, not bringing the result to any of them. Jumping from one task to another will not accelerate the working process but only slow it down (Stiner, 2016). Therefore, it is better to finish one project before starting another one.

It is important not to neglect such things as a good sleep (8 hours) and healthy nutrition (Stiner, 2016). These measures help to avoid stress when working under pressure. Effective time management, however, excludes studying through the whole night at all.

Setting deadlines is another significant approach to time management. Nothing fosters more than the lack of time. If a person knows that he/she has only several days on the completion of some assignment, he/she will accomplish it until the deadline (Jobson, 2016). Nevertheless, if the task has no deadline, it can never be done. The student who manages to embody all the plans timely thanks to correct timing is always in the good mood (Sasson, 2016).

In conclusion, time management for students is as important as cure for the ill. It saves a lot of time and efforts for the students who have many tasks to do by applying several strategies such as making a plan, prioritizing tasks, segmenting large tasks, delegating duties, avoiding disruptive impacts, planning daily downtime, limiting multitasking, cultivating discipline, setting deadlines and numerous other personal methods.

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