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Since childhood, I have always wanted to become a doctor and help needy people. As my parents have dedicated their lives to the medical profession, I decided to follow their footsteps and become a reputable dentist. When choosing a profession, it is necessary to consider whether a person fits its specifics. The educational establishment I have chosen, namely the University of Miami, is a prestigious institution that highly values individuals who possess such traits as willingness to help people, perseverance, and patience. Therefore, I believe that I will be able to convince the university's administration that I deserve to study in it.

Nowadays, the significance of the dental profession in the communities is quite great. From the perspective of the social importance, dentistry occupies a leading position in the list of professions that are tightly interrelated with other occupations. I graduated from the non-US dental school, namely the University of Medical Science of Havana. I have a bachelor of science degree, and I currently work as a doctor of dental medicine and orthodontist assistant. I come from a friendly and hardworking family, whose members have dedicated their lives to patients' care. My parents are both doctors; my father is a surgeon, and my sister and brother-in-law are dentists. I recognize that graduating from the University of Medical Science of Havana is not enough to advance the career ladder. Therefore, I have decided to apply for the General Practice in Dentistry program in the University of Miami. I am currently working as an orthodontist assistant, and it does not prevent me from continuing to study and getting additional education. Moreover, I believe that the fact that I know three languages, namely Arabic, Spanish, and English, will ease my practice and improve my competence, and I can be invited to work overseas to professionally serve foreign patients.


I have decided to apply for the University of Miami because this prestigious educational establishment offers one of the best dental programs in Florida State. It provides great opportunities to advance the international dental career and build a successful academic and professional future. The advanced dental education program is one of the most interesting options offered by the University of Miami. I recognize the fact that I have to master the complex profession of a dentist to the full extent to meet the needs of my potential clients and receive positive reviews from them. In reality, the profession of a dentist requires not only perfect technical skills but also a great psychological pressure resistance. A customer can instantly evaluate my work and voice his/her satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the provided services at once. Therefore, my obligation is to make everything possible to reach the favorable outcome, increase the clientele, and attract new clients. In the case of failure, I will not give up and will move forward. As a dentist, I wish to bring joy to people, make them the full-fledged members of the society, and help them have a beautiful smile.

The advanced dental education program in the University of Miami will provide me with a great opportunity to advance the career ladder and to understand what treatment should be offered to particular patients from the perspective of other important specialties (Fontana & Wolff, 2009). As a student, I will be able to work together with my classmates on various cases. Such interaction and collaboration will only enhance my clinical practice, enrich the knowledge base, and provide new perspectives for further development (Faggion & Tu, 2007). The University of Miami integrates various advanced education programs that helps its participants gain the necessary skills and abilities and prepares future professionals for new challenges. After graduation, I will be able to provide interdisciplinary care and assist patients in a professional manner. Moreover, I am applying for the advanced dental education program in the University of Miami because it has numerous positive reviews, and the number of international students participating in it continues to grow drastically. The uniqueness of the dental profession lies in the fact that it requires the development of a specific approach towards every patient. Through the advanced dental education program in the University of Miami, I will be able to enrich my knowledge base and treating skills. In addition, I will be able to apply my past and current experiences. Finally, the dental profession requires calmness, perseverance, concentration, and interest in assisting patients, and I possess all of the abovementioned skills, which makes me an ideal candidate for the program.

In general, the dental profession is among the most stable and well-paid ones. The development of a proper approach and a responsible attitude to work enable a dentist to reach favorable outcomes while working in public hospitals and private clinics (Burt & Eklund, 2005). I realize that the visit to a dentist is quite stressful for people. The task of a qualified, experienced, and skillful doctor is to make this visit easier for patients, help them get rid of fear, and comfort them.

The advanced dental education program offered by the University of Miami will teach me how to deal with stressful situations, develop specific approaches towards patients, and satisfy their health needs in the shortest possible terms. Every doctor, regardless of his/her specialization, closely interacts with clients, and, therefore, he/she should be able to apply psychological skills in the clinical practice (Kao, 2006). I believe that the advanced dental education program will help me to respond to the challenges of the day in a professional manner. Consequently, in the future, I will be able to obtain permanent, loyal customers and present myself as a high-class specialist.


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In order to become a qualified dentist, a mere diploma is insufficient. It is necessary to engage in self-development, learn new skills, and use the latest technologies (Ismail & Bader, 2004). The technological progress will only improve my professional activity and ease the entire work. In order to gain the authority among colleagues, I have to constantly improve my knowledge. I consider the dentist's profession to be interesting, exciting, promising, and prestigious because it is directly related to people's health. I believe that my talent, knowledge, skills, experience, and proficiency will help me to succeed in the future when I enter the University of Miami that offers one of the best advanced dental education programs in Florida. In addition to professional skills, the reputable educational establishment highly values such qualities such as communication skills, sociability, and affection towards people. In addition, the dental medical profession requires dedication, perseverance, good memory, and quick reaction. Without these qualities, I will not be able to provide quality health care services. Therefore, in order to ensure that my profession will not only bring profit and material well-being but also pleasure and emotional satisfaction, I plan to participate in the aforementioned program.

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In conclusion, dentistry is a prestigious and highly paid profession. Therefore, if I participate in the program the University of Miami offers, I will work for the benefit of the US nation. Despite the significant prospects, the medical profession poses a great psychological stress due to the complexity of work and responsibility. Training, education, and practice require excellent performance, perseverance, and willpower. I recognize that it is quite difficult to become a dentist or enter the prestigious university due to various challenges, including the high price of education and competition. Nevertheless, I am prepared to work hard to achieve my goal.

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