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When building an effective advertising campaign, it is crucial to have a detailed approach towards branding of the product that is to choose a name, logo and slogan wisely. These markers are essential, especially for businesses that decide to widen their sales markets.

The slogan I suggest for RunDogs to use with regard to their new campaign is "New Era of Running Free." Together with the name of the company, the slogan will be as follows:

This slogan is catchy, reflects the product, indicates that the approach towards the product manufacturing is brand new. Besides, it is easy to remember. Even a potential customer who has never heard about RunDogs will easily associate this slogan with running. The concept of freedom in the slogan of RunDogs will help to form a positive image of the product. Freedom has always been one of the main ideas of the USA; thus, it will emphasize that the product is manufactured in America. In fact, a better solution in this case might seem to be a slogan like "Run like an American." However, this would be perfect if the company planned to pursue sales solely on the American market. Since the company's plans spread behind the ocean for the European markets, the slogan should be universal for people on both continents. Furthermore, it is of paramount significance for the slogan to be attractive for the European customers, as well.



The slogan is not as simple as it may seem at first sight. It can nominally be divided into two parts, where each compiles a hidden meaning. "New era" in the slogan means that the technologies used to produce the running shoes refer specifically to the new age, but not the old-fashioned ones. A desired message of novelty in RunDogs shoes will be delivered to the target customer. Moreover, the phrase "new era" will clearly indicate that the company has started the production within the last 10 years, that is in the new era of the 2000s, and this is where the emphasis should be made. The market is overwhelmed with slogans like "since 1927" or " since 1968" that are a little bit old-fashioned. The audience wants the novelty, and it will get it with the RunDogs' new slogan. "Running free" implies freedom as well as action and gives a feeling of the exemption and breadth. It is crucial to note that the part of the proposed slogan is similar to the lyrics of the British music group Iron Maiden "Running Free" that is widely known not only in the USA, Canada, but in Europe and all over the world. No copyright is violated, but the band's fans can associate the slogan with the song they know, leading to a number of new customers. Moreover, if the marketing department will be able to draw additional costs, this song can be used as a part of the radio and video advertisement.

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RunDogs' logo designed in a stylized line drawing of a running greyhound does not need to be altered, since it perfectly illustrates the name of the company and means speed. However, specifically for this campaign, I suggest its color to be changed into a more catchy one. For example, a white slogan and logo on the green background, or a green slogan and logo on the white background. It is essential to emphasize that since it includes the single-rooted words with the name of the company, the slogan can be used sometimes even without the name of the company. However, the brand logo should be present in the visual presentations.

Thus, I believe that this slogan will be effective, because it is easy to remember, conveys a message, forms a positive image and gives a clear understanding to the user even without the visual support that it is all about running.

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