Social Networking Sites and Society

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The subject of the significance of social networking site is one of the biggest issues that continue to draw multiple reactions globally. In essence, there is an increase in the application of these links. Statistics indicates that 74% of American adults utilize Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter for their daily interaction ( ). They create their profiles and share their views regarding various subjects. Adherents of social networks, who believe they are vital for the wellbeing of the society, cite increased level of communication and dissemination of information among other points as significant benefits of social media. However, opponents refute about the use of the above-mentioned sites.

First, social media enhances the spread of false and unreliable information; thus, an individual can encounter propaganda and facilitates spread in such sites. It is a technique most politicians utilize to fight their opponents. This happens due to the fact that such sites do not give room for the verification of information. Statistics shows that at least 49.1% of individuals have adopted false data that they perceived in the networking tools ( It is vital to note that most of the news creates panic and anxiety. For example, in September 2013, some incorrect information regarding a group of gunmen in Mexico who were going to kill humanity emerged on Facebook and Twitter ( ). As a result, people ran to the nearest police stations; moreover, some learning institutions were temporarily closed. The example indicates the destructive impact of the social networking sites.


The social networks have a negative influence on the academic performance of the students as they are addictive in nature. Consequently, most learners spend valuable time chatting with their friends and, additionally, fail to concentrate in class. Besides, some of them do not accomplish the assignments within the stipulated times because of spending an estimated 106 minutes per day on the internet. Research shows that students who utilize the social media record a low average GPA of 3.06 compared to non-users who have 3.82 ( ).

The use of the social sites has also had detrimental effects on physical relationships. Basically, people spend valuable time interacting on the internet ( ), and it leads them to experience isolation from the rest of the society. Moreover, the use of social media promotes loneliness. One spends time in solitude chatting with people; thus, there is no face-to-face interaction between the two parties. This aspect, in its turn, negates the growth of physical relationships.

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Social networking sites also propagate erosion of moral values because there is freedom regarding the information and video contents that get into the networks ( ). In other words, an individual can post pornographic videos without any fear, and young people have access to such materials which corrode their view regarding sex. In fact, they develop a casual perspective regarding sexual acts and continue to engage in ‘sexting’ which includes posting nude photographs of themselves in their public profile.

In conclusion, the discussion reveals the destructive impact of the social networking sites. While proponents may emphasize the academic and social benefits that they bring, the negative consequences are still real: poor academic performance, deterioration in interpersonal relationships, spread of propaganda, and loss of moral values among others. Apparently, community must guard against the increasing influence of the utilization of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Evidently, there is a need to find amicable solutions for the destroying effects of social media on the society. First, concerning the subject of spread of unreliable information, the social media must create software that sieves the information going into the public domain. In other words, they must have the mandate to regulate the entry and exit of information. While the strategy may limit the rights of the users, it will create trust and reliability in the social platform. It is also fundamental that the state government enforces laws and policy that limit the type of data that one passes on the platform. For instance, those who spread propaganda should be sued in a court of law.

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Secondly, the utilization of the above-mentioned platforms should be limited among students. For example, the government can suggest the laws that regulate the age at which a student can register in any network: those who are below the age of 18 years should not be allowed to utilize the tools. Moreover, they can set a timeline upon which a student can spend in Facebook and Twitter. It is crucial to ensure that students do not waste two-thirds of their time chatting with friends. This practice will also provide students with the space to concentrate on their learning process and do their assignments within the allotted time. As a result, there will be measurable improvement in the academic performance of students in learning institutions.

Public education is another important key in solving the negative effects of social media. It involves the creation of awareness concerning the networking sites and their influence. The public requires exposure on how social media negates the growth of physical relationships. The strategy will be helpful in enabling people appreciate one another and stop utilizing Facebook and Twitter as the only means of communication. The presentation of valuable statistics to members of the society will provide valuable evidence on the need to regulate the usage of social media. As a result, most parents will spend time to teach their teenagers the appropriate values. These solutions may face opposition from the community; however, they are critical to the societal well-being.

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