The Core Facts and Trends Outlined in the Speech of Barack Obama

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On January 24, 2012, the comprehensive list of priorities has been outlined by the President Barack Obama for the next year. The core priorities of Obama implied the continuation of the set of economic policies, which have been launched after his becoming a president. The key focus for the further development has been set on jobs.

Additional attention of the speaker has been attracted to the set of political tension-related issues, which make their negative impact on the social and economical level of life improvement. For instance, it has been acknowledged by the President that every step of his way would be opposed by Republican-controlled House in 2013. Moreover, due to the fact that 2013 is the election year, the dominated opposition of the Tea Party will not support the bills proposed by the Democrats.

The "economic blueprint", which has been set for 2012, implied the reduction of income inequality. It is possible to state a fact that the Presidents' blueprint is opposite to the trickle-down economics, which is grounded on the following rule: the entire set of the factors which are good for business development has a positive impact on the economical system of the country. Additional attention of the President has been directed at helping the unemployed segment of population while creating jobs for them. That is why Obama has reminded the Congress to approve the American Jobs Act.

The income inequality has been directly addressed by Obama - he has called for an extension of 2010 tax cuts to every citizen, except those who make more than $250,000 annually. In addition, the Trade Investigation Unit would be set up by the President for enforcing the trade agreements. The President has banned insider trading among the Congressmen.

In addition, the set of steps for developing energy has been included into the blueprint. This approach implied creation of 60,000 jobs per year while developing the natural gas sector. Furthermore, Obama has emphasized the need of reducing tax credits for oil exploration and providing credits for developing alternative energy.



In addition, there has been a directive for developing clean energy on the sufficient area of public land in order to power three million homes and to direct navy at providing enough capacity for powering 25% of a million homes annually.

While discussing the defense spending, new direction has also been set by Obama. In the terms of free trade, it has been mentioned by the President that he has already increased the export rate by signing in 2011 Free Trade Agreements with such countries as South Korea, Colombia, and Panama.

The set of the steps has been also detailed by Obama in terms of housing, education, and regulations:

  • Training two million of the structurally unemployed;
  • Making the tuition tax credit extension and doubling the total quantity of work/study jobs;
  • Making college education more affordable;
  • Managing the housing crisis by providing the mortgage holders with $3,000 annually in terms of refinancing program. This program should be funded by a small fee in the big bank;
  • Retaining the set of regulations (such as Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform) in order to prevent another financial crisis;

One more issue to be discussed in the scope of this section is the plan of creating 5 million jobs by The American Jobs Act:

  • Extending the payroll tax cut is included into the Jobs Act -in such a manner, the President expects to create 2 million jobs alone;
  • Unemployment benefits' extending for further creating more than 1 million jobs. The core reason for such expectation is the fact that the unemployed are more likely to spend their money on essentials;
  • Improving the quality of education for making Americans more competitive. In such a manner, the option of unemployment and income inequality reduction emerges and, in addition, the need in outsource jobs is expected to be minimized in such a case.

In conclusion, it is essential to rely to the fact that the program, which is developed for assisting the homeowners who are underwater on their mortgages, is expected to help the foreclosure pipeline' minimization, which, in turn, is considered as the factor slowing the housing market recovery. In addition, it is estimated that the elimination of the tax cuts to the wealthy would not have a negative impact on the economical system of the country. The core evidence for such statement is the fact that families in high tax brackets are considered to be more likely to save than spend, and the saved revenue is expected to reduce the debt and the budget deficit.

Analysis of the Speech

While developing the Presidents' speech, the following issues have been taken into account and used by the speaker to meet the needs of the audience. First of all, the detailed analysis of the current state of affairs has been conducted in the process of speech development. Secondly, the most urgent needs of the US society have been analyzed and, afterwards, the speech has been developed. It is logically organized, well structured, and it contains the essential elements of the speech: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. In addition, the information outlined by the President is supported by the evident facts, statistics, and exerts' estimates of the issues which are outlined by the President.  While analyzing the core issues discussed by Obama, it is possible to see that the additional attention of the speaker has been paid to the educational and job issues. That is why the most interested segment of the population in this case is the youth.

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While analyzing the target audience of this speech, it is possible to state that every US citizen or resident of the country is interested in the core trends of the further development of the country they live. Moreover, the programs which are expected to be launched in the nearest future form the basis of the social, economical, political, and military strategies of the country, and such information is also interesting and useful for people who live in the foreign countries. The core evidence for such statement is that the US is the Super State and, consequently, impacts social, political, economical, and military strategies of the foreign countries.

Evaluation of the Speech

It is possible to claim that Obama succeeded in his speech. The core reason for such statement is the fact that the entire program for further improvement and development for the next year has been outlined by the speaker in the one-hour speech.

The core purpose of the speech is to address the core problematic issues which currently exist in the US society and find new solutions to them. Obama has also supported his evidence with the numbers and in such a manner the scopes of the programs have been clearly identified by the speaker. Generally, the purpose of the speech has been achieved, because the entire set of the planned improvements was presented by the President in all areas of human life: social, economical, political, and military.

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