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Whole Foods Market is known to be the worldwide leader in regard to organic production. The company has got more than 300 stores which are located in the United Kingdom and North America. The motto of the Whole Food Market (WFM) reads as follows: "...Whole Foods-Whole People-Whole Planet..." which represents them as being a company that pursues the best natural, organic and gourmet products or items available, cares for our planet and general environment and is engaged in developing sustainable agriculture and other energy conservation methods. Whole Foods Market is famous for prioritizing client demands and quality standards by striving to provide their clients with both satisfying and exciting shopping experience any time they would come (Dobrow, 2014).

The use of Generic/Differentiation Strategies by Whole Foods

The differentiation strategy has been well utilized by Whole Foods through hurling all effort into its competitive scope. Differentiation is therefore a strong point of this company. Whole Foods managed to achieve transformation of quantity into quality by implementing the "wind energy practice" and other safety practices that were invented to protect the environment. The company, for example, became the first to abolish the distribution of plastic bags. Apart from that, the supermarket is also famed for its significant contribution in the development of animal welfare system and the boosting of original practices in animal production. Its eco-friendliness and aspiration to make the world a better place makes Whole Foods a unique firm. Therefore, this company holds a better position of differentiating itself in comparison with the other key players in this field.

Despite the fact that Whole Foods has actually put tremendous effort into differentiating itself in the market, it should be noted that the actual competitive concept of the company lies entirely in the focus strategy. Since the market is permanently changing, the benefits associated with product differentiation gradually recede from the clients' memory.

During the visit it was noted that target audience of the Whole Foods appears to be wealthy, health conscious and educated people. This marketplace has been achieved by conducting various surveys to define the needs, requirements and necessities of the clients. As a result, the company focused on offering the clients socially, healthy and environmentally responsible goods and products that are rare to find at other places at competitive prices. It was also marked that despite the fact that the strategy adopted by Whole Foods is not actually narrow (e.g. range of customers is not limited by any means), everything is designed for loyal clients (Griffin, 2007).



Whole Foods External Environment

The visit to the supermarket also showed that corporate policy is influenced by company's external environment (social, ecological, technological, economic, political, etc.). During political instability in the country, it is prudent of Whole Foods store at Metroplex to consider the introduction of some specific factors, for instance the adoption of higher taxes, the economic stimulus plan and government incentives targeting green clients. In addition to that, Whole Foods should also meet labelling requirements that may be imposed by the Food and Drug Administration. Due to the current economic crisis, the customer's power of spending has been compromised in consequence of the food prices increase. Therefore, this is to be the major concern for Whole Food economic environment. Considering social sphere, most of the consumers in the Metroplex have become more health conscious and, owing to its green mission, the company is definitely bound to attract the attention of more clients of this type.

Due to the advance in technology, enhancements are widely expected in Whole Foods agricultural, distribution and communication sectors, making the company more effective. Nevertheless, Whole Foods should put into consideration the ecological environment despite its assurances of being a Whole Planet. While the Green Movement will make Whole Foods more popular and customer-attractive, it must be mentioned that the company should aim at decreasing carbon footprints embracing renewable energy. To ensure that the company becomes a market leader, Whole Foods store at Metroplex should put more emphasis on the eco-friendliness.

Whole Foods Core Competencies

A company's core competencies include several issues: the capabilities and resources possessed by a company, its assets and the way it uses them. Some of the criteria of core competencies are the following: non-substitutability, imitability, rarity and value. They are aimed at discovering whether such an organization possesses competitiveness.

Basing on the visit of Whole Foods store in the Metroplex, there have been identified some core competencies which attract the customers while shopping. Customers could definitely become drawn to Whole Foods store at the very entrance because its products are well arranged systematically making the goods appealing to the eyes. There are numerous informational sheets regarding the products that are offered by Whole Foods in its store.. For instance, there are a lot of newsletters concerning animal welfare, organic food, and advantages of adopting sustainable agriculture. It is at once apparent that the staff members of the Whole Foods store based in Metroplex are not only jovial but also knowledgeable and willing to help. They would stay at display area giving free samples to their clients and answering any questions arisen. . While serving their clients, they always smile and work the room so that every client will be sure he or she is welcomed in this store.

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Whole Foods culture takes care of the satisfication of every customer during his or her shopping experience. The firm's mission really plays an important role in its success regarding supporting of sustainable farming and searching for quality products. Whole Foods places stake on human resources and therefore workers of the company are subjected to vigorous and stringent recruitment processes. For instance, the store at the Metroplex comprises about 10 teams which are self-directed and encouraged to establish a respectful and humble working environment where each person is motivated and treated fairly. The teams have clear objectives of performance and they also have designated leaders (Duane Ireland, Hoskisson &Hitt, 2011).

Operations at the Metroplex are done through the financial system that is very transparent. The company's system is capable of both gathering and supplying information obtained from the sales and salaries department, different stores to each and everyone in their regions. The regions, teams and stores also compete internally with the aim of outdoing each other in terms of service, profitability and quality. Winning is recognized and rewarded by the company. Therefore, with the help of such level of company culture workers are able not only to inspire, but also transfer the positive impacts into their day to day operations with the clients providing such clients with a shopping experience which is quite satisfying.

The ability of the workers at the Metroplex store to relate the benefits which are associated with their company's products to the customers in the supermarket is quite beneficial, because it fosters good quality service. This also happens because apart from looking for provision of quality products from the company, customers are also keen on being provided with quality service by the company staff. Brand loyalty and strong customer relationships are widely spread at the Whole Foods store in the Metroplex due to the pleasant atmosphere, nonintrusive service, competitive prices and good impression of the shopping (Larson, 2011).

In my point of view, Whole Goods allows its clients to get a great shopping experience, buying affordable high-quality organic products and enjoying perfect provision of services. I am convinced that indeed, such exclusive services cannot be easily found throughout the market. As opposed to the other supermarkets located at the Metroplex, Whole Foods compares favourably with other companies for a scope of reasons. The store has convenient choice location; it is environmentally friendly and promotes healthy way of life for its clients. The service is excellent, the staff always tries to assist and elate the customer. Shopping experience in this supermarket is beneficial not only to the company itself, but also to the clients.

The company culture is also too complex for it to be replicated by the competitors since it is rooted and inculcated into the company staff. Despite the fact that personal service given by the company staff can be easily imitated by others, the fulfilling experience exhibited in the company cannot in any way be substituted by other supermarkets due to the brand loyalty between the clients and the customers. The visit to Whole Foods store indicates the fact that internal culture of a company actually plays a vital role not only in the creation of a solid competitive advantage, but also in the number of clients attracted to the store.

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