Hospitality Marketing

Marketing involves identification of consumers, understanding their needs and providing products and services that satisfy the needs. Consumer identification involves market research and segmentation that enable unearthing the various needs of every market segment. Various technologies are used to help not only in doing market research but also to market products and services. Such technologies include VALS which is used for product innovation, market segmentation, communication, appropriate marketing media selection and policy-acceptance understanding (Strategic Business Insights, 2012).

Hotel Casino

Whereas it may be obvious the kind of products and services hotel and casino offer, understanding the needs of various consumer segments gives an insight of the kind of products and services they need. In case of a new product being developed, VALS consultants help in every step of the development process and provide advice on the best way to successfully launch it.

Every individual cares about his or her health and a facility that promotes healthy living would be the most appropriate and marketable. The profile should first address the issue of fitness to maintain healthy living. In this regard, the hotel and casino industry should offer modern fitness facilities incorporated with television screens to enable customers to continue with their normal workout routines while watching their favorite television programs.

Still on the concept of healthy living, the profile should show that the hotel and casino should offer food menus that promote healthy living. There should be a variety of healthy meals that customers can choose from and they should be prepared by specialized cooks. It should also produce meals made of locally available ingredients and specialized food for different cultures. In addition, it should not be forgotten that customers not only look at the nutritional value of meals, but also the size and standards of service.

The right food and drink in a wrong place is not appealing to customers. Hotel and casino should offer specious neatly-arranged bars and high quality and standards café lounges and restaurants offering various local and international food and drinks.  By recognizing that customers not only judge hotels by the physical quality offered but also by service quality, the hotel and casino industry should develop a service culture aiming at serving and satisfying customers.

It should offer modern accommodation facilities with rooms equipped with flat screen televisions, computers with high-speed internet access and telephones. These technologies would greatly appeal to customers as they assist in getting the latest news and communicating both locally and internationally.

The industry should offer specials at certain times of the year to attract and retain customers. For example, during low seasons, it can offer customers with discounts on meals or accommodation. It should also offer certain free incentives such as free weekend tour for customers staying for a long duration.

Innovation is important to organization’s growth. The industry should continuously innovate to stay up to date. For instance, it should tell customers the many innovative features it has implemented such as installation of flat screen televisions in its bedrooms and embedding them with mirrors at the bath rooms so that their images are reflected and seen in the mirrors. This way, customers would be able to watch their favorite programs while bathing.

Pricing, being another determining factor, should be used while marketing the industry in the profile. The industry should offer considerably low prices for the products and services it offers than competitors. In addition, it should allow customers to self-serve to maximally satisfy them. Self-service can range from food, games and rooms, to online booking.

To effectively target the profile, promotional messages such as Healthy Leaving While You Travel, A second Home on Earth, and Hotel and Casino Specials would be used.



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