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Sooner or later, every human begins to ponder on the meaning of life and his or her task and purpose on this earth. The truth is that everything in the world has a reason for which something is done or created. To achieve the desired aim, people work hard overcoming difficulties and challenges on their path to happiness. Nevertheless, these people are not often rewarded for the barriers they have succeeded in dealing with on their way for the purpose. In this respect, I have chosen the artifact for this paper that perfectly displays my vision of the particular situation. This artifact is a calligraphy that has four words reading from right to left. This calligraphy means that “The god will reward those who work hard.” Taking into consideration my Chinese background, these words have great importance for me. While most Chinese people work very hard to earn for the descent living, some of them have been deprived of possibilities to study or obtain a better job. Thus, although working environment in China is far from ideal, people who work tirelessly will be rewarded.

Chinese people faced many difficulties throughout the history. Nevertheless, Chinese always remain hardworking and strong individuals who follow their destination. From early years, many Chinese girls and boys go to other cities to work and help their families. In this respect, the documentary China Blue can be regarded as a good example of life challenges youngsters have to overcome on their path. The movie portrays the life of a young girl and her peers working in the jeans factory (Peled). The documentary shows how difficult it is to leave native hometown and move to another city searching for a better fate. China Blue underlines the fact that Chinese people start to work from early years. Although many youngsters in the movie were deprived of an opportunity to go to college and receive a good education, they help their parents supporting them materially. At the same time, only through hard work and dedication a person can reach the aim. Although the documentary sheds the light on the terrible conditions young girls have to work and live in, it also demonstrates how strong and unselfish they are being concerned more with the needs and wishes of others. Thus, Chinese people are dedicated people who can withstand numerous difficulties and injustice to achieve the desired result.



Furthermore, Chinese people can be defined as the hardest working humans in the world. Although ten years ago, children were forced to leave their families and work in the factories in other cities as it is depicted in China Blue, the current situation has changed. Nowadays, China has become one of the most economically developed countries. The particular tendency perfectly demonstrates the meaning of the calligraphy on practice. Thus, by working hard from the early age and overcoming life barriers, Chinese people succeeded to achieve their aim and become economically independent. This economical development of Chinese nation can be explained by some reasons. These factors include historical, political, and economic reasons (Hong, Wyer, and Candy 187). While the Confucian culture has been valued throughout the centuries, Chinese people are taught to work hard, as well as respect their family and support it (Hong et al. 188). Thereby, the honor of a family has to be considered one of the main principles favorable to economic productivity. From the political perspective, the authoritarian political system has also impacted the attitude of Chinese people to work. The political environment in the country has formed the populace that respects authority and obeys the established rules and norms (Rarick 5). These traits contribute to order and effectiveness of low-skilled workers. In addition, Chinese people are highly motivated to work to make money and support economic growth.

Since many Chinese people have migrated to different countries, including the United States, their culture and traditions have spread throughout the world. Thus, working hard in the hometown, Chinese people will never stop reaching their aim in another country. Historically, the shipping companies belonging to the Great Britain first signed Chinese people on a job (Wang, Wang, Ruona, and Rojewski 319). While Chinese were very hard-working and dedicated people, the British easily commanded them. Nowadays, more and more Chinese people both young and married come to the United States where they start a new life. It should be noted that many people who migrated from China were originally either agricultures or traders (Wang et al. 314). Moving to the United States, Chinese want to become more experienced and skilled to earn more money and increase the standards of their life. Known for their hardworking skills, Chinese people become welcomed in any part of the world. Chinese immigrants continue to follow their traditions, as well as keep their family values that support them to develop themselves and grow their wealth. Although many Chinese start working at less paid jobs, sooner or later their hard work becomes rewarded. Eventually, Chinese immigrants start their businesses, because they are educated enough and hardworking people.

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At the same time, my father can be regarded as a living example that proves the truthfulness of the words written on the artifact. Thus, my father worked hard to ensure a good life for our family. Starting for early years, I remember he always taught me to value human work and respect the family. I believe that this cultural tradition transferred from one generation to another, strengthens family ties, and makes Chinese people resistible to any challenge or difficulty. Although my father is a strict person, he knows the price of happiness and teaches me to be dedicated to the work I do despite its difficulty or meaning. My father is a role model for me, and I want to follow his example and transfer his wisdom to my children. Being a hardworking man, my father provided me with an opportunity to study and chose a path in my life. I know that many youngsters in China and the whole world may not have such possibility that I am given. Thus, I respect my family and value everything my parents teach me. In addition, the reward for the hard work does not always mean the material good. My father very often says that having a family and a chance to work and develop oneself can be defined as a great gift every person should value.

Therefore, hard work is a key component of successful and intelligent people. A person who works tireless and makes everything possible to achieve the desired aim will be rewarded for loses and miseries he or she may face with on the way. Being a Chinese, I know that respect of the family and dedication are the major components of hard working people. Taking into consideration my cultural heritage, the words “The god will reward those who work hard” means a lot because my nation works very hard throughout the centuries to achieve economic independence. Nowadays, China is regarded as one of the most economically powerful states. Undoubtedly, the current situation would not be possible without following of the cultural traditions and norms transferred from one family to another. While many Chinese people live throughout the world, they work hard not only for their own benefit but also for the well-being of the entire country.

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