Making Excellence Inclusive

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The educational excellence depends on a lot of factors that in particular involve the race and ethnicity as the critical dimensions. The children with different ethnic or racial background often experience the hardships in achieving academic success as they are frequently discriminated by the personnel of the schools and by other students. At the same time, in order to remain competitive and resistant to various challenges in the globalized world the country needs diverse professionals.

Developing the idea of making excellence inclusive, the researchers stress that the educational institutions should go beyond the creation of the diverse student teams only. The historical inequalities that are affecting the modern lives of the learners are to be influenced and addressed as well. The refusal to deal with the historical memory might result in the rise of the forgotten conflicts and tensions among different social groups (Oran, 2003). Thus, the controversial issues are to be discussed in the diverse classroom environment in the presence of different social groups and relate to the causes of the clashes in order to prevent them from the occurrence in the future. Consequently, such practices will show the students that despite the importance of the historical events, the only thing that matters is the present-day life, so that they have to prevent the tensions and treat each other with respect. Only in such a way the excellence in education would become possible for all (Clayton-Pedersen, O'Neill, & Musil, 2009).


At the same time, it should be noted that the diversity in the educational process should not involve merely the student group. Instead, it also has to apply to the personnel of the facility. Only in that case, the administration of the educational institution would be able to fully understand the needs of all its students and address them appropriately. Yet, the simply the composition of the staff is not enough. Instead, the opinions of the all colleagues are to be treasured and respectively evaluated by the board.

In order to reach the success in educational process the students have to be included in the climate where the diversity occurs naturally, and where the nations and people with different backgrounds manage to leave together and overcome their barriers on the daily basis. Such an environment should also be created on campus where they live. It should consist of the compositional diversity, behavioral climate, historian legacy for inclusion, positive psychological climate, etc. (Clayton-Pedersen, O'Neill, & Musil, 2009).

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Furthermore, to reach the diversity in the education process and the excellence for all, the creation of the diverse learning environment is critical. It should be done through the curriculum and co-curriculum (Bart, 2012). The administration of the schools has to provide various ways for engagement of the diversity and consider this work as the on-going one. The retention, recruitment and other similar processes should serve the purposes of the creation of the diverse environment. Additionally, the cross-racial interaction should be highly encouraged among all students and professors.

The diversity is indeed a key dimension in making the educational success and excellence inclusive. First of all, it leads to the explosion of different opinions and perspectives on the same concept. In fact, it results in the synergy of cultures and experiences that facilitates better understanding of that notion. At the moment, the European exchange program Erasmus is launching the projects that offer the students to live on three continents and research the same issue from the perspectives of the residents of those continents. The knowledge gained as a result of such an experience is then presented in written, and the recommendations are considered by the decision-makers from both public and private sectors.

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The diversity in the educational settings also offers the increased cultural knowledge and awareness. It enhances the leadership abilities of the students as they learn how to identify the capabilities of people with different backgrounds and what specific strengths certain people possess due to their cultural or ethnic origin (Saunders & Kardia, 2009). Additionally, the stronger commitment to promote the understanding of the diversity matters is raised in such conditions as a majority of the learners make new connections with the representatives of other cultures. And from that very moment, they start to value them and even defend their ideas in certain situations.

The diversity climate also benefits since it helps to diminish racial stereotypes and enhance ability to adapt to the changes. In total, the human being becomes more open to anything new and non-afraid of it (Bart, 2012). He or she suddenly realizes the advantages of the multicultural environment and of the multidimensional climate. Finally, the greatest commitment to the racial equity is raised. The outcome of all of it is the equality-based social structure and the emerging of the new ideas born on the crossroads of various cultures and paradigms.

In conclusion, it should be stressed that in order to ensure the equal educational opportunities for all children in the United States of America, the learning institutions have to promote the diversity in the classroom. They have to compose the multicultural class and increase the diversity among the teachers. Yet, the composition itself is not an aim in the process of making excellence inclusive. The administration of the educational institutions should cultivate the diverse climate on campuses and facilitate the rebuttal of the historical myths and misunderstandings. The diversity in the classroom promises to improve the abilities to adapt to the changes and enhance leadership skills, greater commitment to the racial equity, etc.

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