Sharing God's love on Flaxley Road estate


Edge Community is a Christian community formed by members of St James' Church Selby.

We seek to serve the people of Flaxley Road community in Selby, sharing God's love in word and action.

Two Church Army community workers live and work in the community, and are supported by teams of volunteers.

Captain Richard and his family have lived here since 2006

Captain Neil and his family have lived here since 2011

Flaxley Road Estate includes many great people, but it is also a place of social and economic hardship. We provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to people of all ages, but especially families, teenagers and children.

We want to see people freed from debt, supported in relationships, loved and listened to, helped in whatever way they need that brings them into the good life God has planned for them. We believe this best happens within a loving, supportive community

"I have found myself relaxing and sharing things in a way I have never done with other agencies. The love and support offered by yourselves and the Edge Community is beyond priceless." MT

George and Alison have been part of the Edge Core Team for 8 years, and are moving on. They talk briefly about their experience of Edge Community here. Moreover, their experiences and similar successful cases can be better understood with the help of a good religious studies essay writing service that tends to explore, analyze, and explain the mechanisms behind such a community spirit and its implications on people.

Edge Community was born of a partnership between St James' Church Selby and ChurchArmy.org

It is a Church Army Centre of Mission


Supporting local people
Practical help

Over ten years we have supported families and individuals with Parenting, Debt advice and Money Skills. We've run a Toddler Group, painted walls, provided furniture and delivered food parcels in partnership with Selby District Food Bank. Each year we work with local churches, bringing Christmas presents to struggling local families.

"Richard gave me a push to go back to the CAB again for another try ... and at last I got a Debt Relief Order. I was so relieved - I was over the moon. I no-longer worry about having the doors locked all the time and keeping the curtains drawn, and telling the kids not to answer the door." MG

Emotional & spiritual support

Loneliness and hopelessness are two real challenges to some local people. Edge Community provides emotional support: befriending, helping with relationship difficulties, bereavement - whenever life feels a lot too much.

"I would like to say 'thank you' for the tremendous support you have given me and my family since we became part of your community. It has been a great help to talk and 'vent' without feeling judged." MT

School work

We have worked with Selby Community Primary since 2006, supporting learning through assisting in classes and small groups, and helping the school community be a positive spiritual place. We help children explore Christian faith through hundreds of assemblies, RE and special services.

JAFFA after-school club is a weekly group for KS2 children that helps them explore their faith and spirituality through games, drama, crafts and story-telling. Run by Captain Neil and a group of committed volunteers it is in its 11th year!

We have also run annual Holiday Clubs, family events and taught cycle safety.

With Young People

We partner with the Bus Stop Youth ministry to provide young people with a safe and welcoming space. With a converted double-decker bus we provide a weekly Youth Cafe.

Each week we befriend and support @30 teenagers.

We support disadvantaged young people, helping them reach their potential and make a difference in their community. Trained staff and volunteers address life issues, behaviour and self-esteem.

We help young people make good choices, benefiting themselves and the community, encouraging maturity in taking responsibility, and helping them find emotional healing. We build confidence, emotional resilience and model constructive ways of relating. We help older young people to develop leadership skills and will provide training.

Youth Alpha on the bus is an opportunity for young people to explore what it mean to trust God in life.

Our young people have produced 3 films on real life issues:

  • From Despair to Hope
  • In Debted
  • The meaning of Christmas

Building Community

Flaxley Road already has a great community spirit, and we've been working to build on that through various Community events and activities:

Community drop-in weekly on the Bus - Wednesday afternoons we ran a Community Cafe in the local pub before it closed celebrating special occasions at the annual Town Fun Day with the Community Allotment.


Always visit our Facebook Page Edge Selby to find out about when we meet.

There's usually something on every Sunday, but not always.

We may stop for holidays.

We meet in the Children's Centre on Flaxley Rd.

Connect is usually on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th Sundays of each month.

Doors open at 10.30am for refreshments. We finish around 12.20pm

Connect! is a relaxed and comfortable place to get to know God better, with others who are doing the same. Its for adults and children of all ages. With coffee, squash and donuts we have space to get to know one another. We sing and worship God, watch videos, discuss and learn together in a relaxed way. The children have their own Children's Special Time.

Messy Church family gathering is all about fun, friendship and a sense of family for anyone with children of primary or pre-school age.
4 - 6pm - usually on the 4th Sunday of the month.

With crafts, activities, Bible Stories, and songs, there's something for all ages.

We end with a bring-and-share tea - it helps if people can bring some food to share, but its more important that people bring themselves!

Just come along, and bring friends if you like.

"The activities and weekends away are a blessing as they give us as a family time and space away from 'real life' which allows us to communicate with each other and God without the usual stresses and distractions." MT

Our Annual Weekend Away helps us grow as a community


Are you spiritual but not religious? Maybe you believe in God or are unsure.

Perhaps you'd like to get to know more about God, but don't know how.

Are you looking for community, for friendship - somewhere you belong?

If so, maybe the Edge Community is for you, especially if you live around Flaxley Rd. But even if you don't you're welcome to come and give us a try. But we're not here for Christians who are a bit fed up of their church and looking for a change (sorry!).


Called to Community?

Some Christians have been called to be a part of Edge community, giving and receiving, loving, laughing, liking and living out Christian community life. These have committed to making Edge their spiritual home, though we still are part of the wider St James community: we are distinct, but not separate. There is always room for new people to join the community, if God is calling them. Talk to Richard, Neil or other community members if you wish to explore whether Edge is a Community God is calling you to.

Called as a Co-worker?

Co-workers commit to a specific need, project or person. That commitment is limited in time and scope, e.g. weekly, monthly or annually. For example, that could be:

  • helping with the Bus weekly or monthly
  • being part of the JAFFA club team
  • regularly visiting an individual
  • helping with admin
  • helping practically - fixing, carrying, etc
  • take part in a discipleship small group
  • use your interest and gifting as a one off

If you have a little time regularly or occasionally and want to share in God's mission to Flaxley Rd people, talk to Richard or Neil. God can use all sorts of people in different ways, even if you feel you don't have much to offer. Flaxley Road folk appreciate people who are willing to befriend and serve.

Called as a Companion?

Prayer changes hearts and lives. Without it we are wasting our time. Flaxley Rd is a spiritually tough place and the prayer of God's people is vital to changing individual hearts, and the spiritual atmosphere in general. We need Christians like you to pray regularly for the Edge Community, for our Co-workers and for our Evangelists Richard and Neil and their families.

Newsletters and regular Prayer Updates will keep you informed. Contact Richard to receive them by email. Can you commit to praying on a certain day every week? Or for a regular activity?

Prayer and Praise for Mission is monthly, usually on the first Sunday, 7 - 8.30pm, either in the Standering Hall or Flaxley Rd Children's Centre. Contact us for details.

Financial support is just as vital to continue the work here. Regular giving will allow Richard and Neil to continue to lead and grow our outreach, and live and minister to local people, so many of whom need God's help so very much. Contact us to explore how you can partner with us through giving.

We are very immensely grateful to all those individuals who financially support our work.
Thank you also to the Co op Community fund for supporting our work with young people.


Our vision is to develop a Community Hub in the Flaxley Rd area

  • a building where people can experience the love of God:
  • a place welcome and hospitality,
  • a meeting place for the local community, and
  • a place of practical support and help.

We imagine somewhere friends can drop in for coffee, or those on their own can find a friendly face; somewhere people know they are wanted, and there's always a listening ear and a willingness to help. Where those in debt, or struggling with life issues can find real solutions: where the community can work together to make it an even better place to live.

The Community Cafe and Community Drop-in on the Bus have been steps towards this. Members of St James Church and Edge Community have prayed and worked to fulfill this vision.

Where are we now?

Whilst there are potential buildings for sale, there has been no suitable building to rent one the estate in the last 10 years.

To develop a sustainable model we need to have an income to cover costs. That could be from:

  • renting out part of the building
  • grants from trusts
  • donations from individuals
  • sales: cafe or charity shop items

What do we need to to make this a reality?

  • a management team
  • volunteers
  • a manager
  • finance
  • continued prayer

Your role
Might God be calling you to help make this vision a reality? Does this excite you, even if you're not sure what you might bring? Do you want to make a difference for Flaxley Rd folk? Do you know someone who might help?
Please talk to us - we would be glad to explore this with you.