If you like to take photos and have a lot of successful shots in your collection, mind that other people might want to see them. To show them to everyone who's interested to buy them, you need to know the places to sell your photos. Whether you're a professional photographer or a newbie, trying to sell your photos online can be useful to make some extra money and to improve your skill.

  1. Alamy

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    This is a very popular site due to the big royalty payment (it's as much as 50%). Another good thing about it is that doesn't require exclusiveness of images, so you can sell them elsewhere.

  2. Shutterstock

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    This website is also very popular. You can get up to 30% of the price of your photo, which can be from $0.25 to $28 per image, depending on its size.

  3. iStock Photo

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    If you're a beginner in selling your photos online, this resource is a perfect choice. It has a number of forums that will help you make a good start. The royally payout here is from 15% to 45%. It depends on how popular your image becomes for the customers. In case you ensure exclusiveness, you'll get at least 22%.

  4. PhotoShelter

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    This is an e-commerce platform that can be used on any website. It allows selling your photos on your own website from cloud storage, ensuring you with a good SEO campaign, social media integrations and an understandable interface. If you choose this resource, you will hold the control over your photos.

  5. Fotolia

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    This resource, created by Adobe, offers you the 20-46% royalty rates that can be transferred to your account right away. If you use Illustrator, Photoshop, or InDesign, it'll be convenient to use Fotolia, as well.

  6. PhotoMoolah

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    This website offers you a different way to sell your photos. You can submit them there, when they are relevant for various contests. In case your photo wins, you retain your rights and get the payment (usually it's $100-200 per image, but sometimes it can be as high as $500). And since this website is less popular than others, you won't have as much competition.

  7. SmugMug

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    Here you can control your orders and demonstrate your images on your own. A number of features are offered and you'll certainly like them.

  8. Can Stock Photo

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    This website offers one of the easiest ways to sell your photos. To be approved, you only need to submit 3 photos to the editor. You won't even have to categorize your images as the keywords and metadata are done automatically.

  9. 123RF

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    Depending on how much you contribute, you'll get from 30% to 60% of royalty payments. So it's good to upload as many photos as you can.

  10. Dreamstime

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    This website has very high standards of quality and they stick to them when approving the photos you send. The royalty rates are from 25% to 50%.

Are you ready to start selling your photos online?