Nowadays there are lots of opportunities that you can use in order to stay in a good shape. You can go to the gym, subscribe to one of the YouTube channels, and follow the instructor"s advice, or do some exercises at home. An important thing is that you can even work out without weights. There are various training techniques that do not require any special equipment or space. All you need is a strong desire and motivation to work hard on achieving your goals. In fact, exercising can bring you more joy if it is performed in an unusual way.

Here is what you should do to lose weight and not get bored:

  1. Make it less tiring

    Instead of repeating the same exercise till you are completely exhausted, try reducing the number of exercises for each subsequent round. For example, if you want to do ten sit ups ten times, this is not a very effective way of losing weight. It is better to do ten, then nine, and then eight sit ups, and so on. By decreasing the number of exercises that are done in a row you will enable your body to recover faster and be ready for the next part of the training.

  2. Make it less serious

    Body weight exercises can be performed in a non-traditional way, for example, by imitating the moves of animals. It may sound like a ridiculous idea, but actually it might be quite helpful. By trying something you did when being a child, you may spend a great time with your kids or friends and at the same time improve your shape. Depending on what animal you choose to show you will activate different muscles. This technique is also good for determining strengths and weaknesses of your body.

  3. Turn your trainings into a card game

    Make associations with different card suits, so that each of them would stand for a particular part of the training. Then pick up a card and do a corresponding exercise. Sounds like fun, doesn"t it? It would be even more exciting if you do it with your friends.

  4. Use usual techniques in an unusual manner

    Most of us are probably well-familiar with the so-called "drop steps" technique. You may have an erroneous supposition that this training can be performed only with the help of weights. However, it is not true. You can do any kind of exercise by applying this method. All you need to do is start performing a difficult exercise and make it easier step by step.

  5. Substitute pull-ups with a "blurpee" technique

    If you do not have a place where you can practice traditional pull-ups, since this exercise requires a special bar, do not get upset. You can use a popular "blurpee" technique, which trains the same muscle groups.

These simple ways to work out will keep you in a good shape even if you exercise at home without any special sports equipment.