Often you encounter situations in daily life when you need to stay awake regardless the circumstances. You might have to prepare for the exam or an interview, you might have tight deadlines or you might need to stay awake because of the long night drive. All in all, there are certain tips that will help you find out how to stay awake. As a way out, you can try some specific food supplements or practice physical exercises in order to feel more energetic. At the same time, you should remember that the lack of sleep can be bad and harmful for your health and general well-being, so do not practice this often.

Ways to Stay Awake

  1. Drink caffeinated beverages

    One of the tried out ways to keep awake is to drink a cup of coffee, a glass of Coke or some other beverage containing caffeine.

  2. Instead of simple sugar give preference to complex carbs and protein

    If you are used to eating some chocolates or candy bars (that presumably give you more energy while working), be ready that this "energy burst" will be short-termed. As your organism is processing more energy when you stay awake, eat proteins and carbs instead.

  3. Keep your body hydrated

    If you do not drink enough water, your body will get tired more easily and quickly. Therefore, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. You may try out some energetic home-made beverage with ginger and honey.

  4. Aromatherapy will help as well

    While certain scents are specifically known to help you relax, the others can keep you awake and fresh. Try essential oils or candles with the scent of eucalyptus, rosemary, citrus scents, and peppermint when you need to be awake.

  5. Make physical exercises

    Make regular breaks while studying or working in order to move your body. Physical exercises will pump your blood and increase the circulation of oxygen.

  6. Take a nap to restore your energy

    Sometimes one can get so worn out that none of the above tips may help. In such extreme cases, it is better and more time-saving to take a nap for 1-2 hours instead of wasting this time on unproductive work.

  7. Find a company for studying or working

    If possible, try talking with someone on the topic you are studying (or about what you are busy with burning the midnight oil). Such strategy is especially beneficial for students who are living in the dorm and preparing together for the exams or some group projects.

  8. Take a cold shower

    If you are a kind of person who adores lying in the hot soothing bath, it's high time to quit this habit if you need to keep awake at night. Take a cool or contrasting shower instead.

  9. Try breathing exercises

    Take a few minutes for making deep breaths. All in all, do not forget about the principle of regular and deep breathing whatever you are doing.

  10. Switch your attention to another task in case you have many of them.