The main purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to critically analyze two different but related entities according to their similarities or differences. Thus, the approach to such kind of an essay should be objective. This will allow a writer to highlight the common characteristics of the described entities of a given topic. Besides, the paper should be comprehensive and clear for a reader. Otherwise, misconstrued elements might confuse and mislead the reader making it hard to understand the outlined points. While discussing the entities in a compare and contrast paper, it is vital to include common similarities and distinguishable features, so that the reader will find both.

So, here are some effective and useful tips on writing a compare and contrast essay.

Writing a compare and contrast paper introduction

The initial aim of the introduction of a compare and contrast essay is defining two principal subjects of the topic. In order to capture the attention of the reader, the writer has to create a gripping hook for the paper. It will undoubtedly influence any reader to go through the whole essay. The introduction might also include the definition of the key terms that are being compared and contrasted in the paper. Last but not least, it is important to present the purpose and significance of the essay without giving much detail. Therefore, a good thesis statement is an indispensable part of the introduction paragraph.

Guidelines on body paragraphs

If the author wants to write a great paper, the distinctive features of the subject entities should certainly be shown. Therefore, each point must be presented in one paragraph. Start either with the similarities or differences but do not mix them in one paragraph. It is very important to avoid ambiguity. So, make sure that each paragraph is written clearly and precisely.

Tips on writing a conclusion

The conclusion is a powerful part of the essay that actually brings together two entities, which are relatively related yet antagonizing. Thus, the conclusion should be more like a summary of all the points presented in the entire paper. The author should also reassert the thesis statement in the concluding paragraph. It is also recommended to base your conclusion on facts and data presented in the body paragraphs rather than on your personal opinions. Try to summarize all the points mentioned in the paper in a new way, so that it sounds convincing. At the same time, keep the conclusion concise but informative.

Tips on writing the outline

Writing an outline of a compare and contrast essay is essential since it helps the writer to stay focused on the relevant points of the topic. While writing a compare and contrast essay, the author should always consider the logical flow of ideas that helps to avoid confusion.

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