Drinking a cup of coffee and thinking about plans for the day… This is how many people start their mornings. If you are one of them and coffee is more than just a beverage for you, check these tips and learn how to make a perfect cup of coffee.

Good coffee is fresh coffee

coffee beans | Make a Tasty Cup of Coffee

You will never make a good cup of coffee if you buy already roasted beans. The best way to make this drink really exceptional is to get beans and roast them on your own. An alternative for it is going to a small coffeehouse and purchasing beans from them. Supermarkets that sell a wide range of coffee brands can guarantee neither that the beans are freshly roasted nor that they are appropriately held.

Learn how to keep the coffee you buy

coffee | Make a Tasty Cup of Coffee

An important part of making coffee is being aware of how to store it. In case you do not follow basic technological requirements, coffee will lose its quality. By keeping it in a dry place protected from direct light, you will ensure its good taste. Moreover, it is advisable not to stock up on coffee. However, if you want to keep a big amount of it for a long time, you can get yourself a special ceramic or glass tin, which is good for preserving coffee flavor.

Pay attention to coffee sorts

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You can hardly make a delicious dish with low-quality ingredients. The same works for drinks. Robusta is not an optimal option if you want to make an exclusive cup of coffee. Always opt for Arabica and you will not be mistaken in your choice. Even though the price may be higher, it is totally worth it.

Try to avoid ground coffee

ground coffee | Make a Tasty Cup of Coffee

All coffee experts advise to buy beans and grind them at home right before you are going to make coffee. This process does not require any professional equipment. An ordinary electric grinder, which does not cost a lot, will be enough.

Water also matters

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Even low-quality beans cannot spoil coffee as much as chlorine does. However, distilled water will not help either, since it is devoid of vital mineral elements. The best solution would be getting water from a supermarket or installing filters.

Be generous

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You can economize on anything you want but not on coffee. This is what any professional barista would tell you. Check appropriate water/coffee proportions on the Internet and always follow them. Apart from this, you should also control water temperature. Remember that too hot water will make the taste worse.

Wash your tins and grinders

cup | Make a Tasty Cup of Coffee

This is a general rule applied to all products, but in case of coffee it should be specially emphasized. Making sure that tins, in which you store coffee, do not contain any external elements is a necessary precondition for making tasty coffee.

Each person has their own secrets of making coffee. However, these tips are generally acknowledged and they will help you to prepare really delicious morning coffee.