Let's decide why traveling abroad is important and in what way it benefits your young life. Traveling is great at any age for sure, but the earlier you do it the earlier you are able to learn the lessons that travel teaches. I do believe that the experience and skills, which you gain from traveling abroad, will benefit both your personal and professional life.

College and high school give you the luxury flexibility, as you can study anywhere you want, and get long study breaks. Your youth and freedom shouldn't be missed anyway.

Reasons to Travel Abroad While You Are Young:

  1. Saying Good Bye to Your Comfort Zone

    Being used to our daily established, comfortable life at home, we may be unready to meet new horizons and life outside our comfort zone, as it will be so scaring for us. But how can we learn in our very familiar and comfortable surroundings then? You should know how to act in various situations and surroundings with different people and get through all troubles and difficulties. When discomfort comes, the experience and your personal growth come.

  2. Gaining Confidence

    The ability to adapt to unknown situations builds your confidence and thus you come to the realization that you CAN manage everything. In this way, you can learn how to live despite the obstacles and be ready to face any challenges.

  3. Cultural Sensitivity

    When we know cultural norms and values, we understand international conflicts and issues much better. Developing cultural sensitivity, we improve our communication on both personal and business levels.

  4. Adaptation to Globalization

    Of course, with the help of social media and the internet, our adaptation to globalization goes faster. Still, life abroad gives you a competitive edge in the business world. If you travel, you will develop your cultural sensitivity and confidence.

  5. Fluent Foreign Language

    What can be better than improving another language speaking skills! Being abroad, you can definitely do that! Traveling, especially in Europe, you will realize that the knowledge of a second or third language is priceless, as almost everyone here knows at least two languages well enough. Living in the United States, the need of another language rarely arrives at all, let's be honest, it's only English and Spanish that we can hear, due to our geographic location. That explains the extreme need for us to travel. There is no need to say about the whole new world, which another language opens up, about the opportunities and chances, which it gives to you. Being abroad, you are forced to use all your communication and language skills, which is the best way ever to learn a foreign language.

  6. Connections

    Study or work abroad mean that you connect with new people. Networking, no matter where you go, MEANS a lot. You definitely will feel more comfortable and connected making friendships abroad. The more people you will meet on your travels, the more enjoyable your time abroad will be! And who knows what these connections will lead to.