Striving for success, happiness and personal achievements, we very often forget about the key factor that leads to all of these, which is called self-discipline. There are lots of traits that you need to have if you want to achieve success in any aspect of your life, whether it's relationships, your work, or whatever, but the most important one is your self-discipline.

A study by Wilhelm Hoffman showed an incredible thing: those people who have high self-control are much happier than those who don't. The choices of people with high self-control aren't dictated by feelings or impulses, these people make positive decisions much easier and without upset or stress, and these decisions are rational and well-informed.

  1. All distractions and temptations should be removed

    Gaining self-discipline means that you remove all distractions and temptations that DO MATTER, like it or not. That's the first step that needs to be taken when we talk about self-discipline. Protect yourself from bad influences and remove every temptation that may prevent your success.

  2. Eat well

    By that is meant eating healthy and regularly. Don't even think to skip this key point, as it really MATTERS! It's impossible to concentrate when you are hungry and your brain just can't function to its highest potential. Your concentration and decision making skills are improved with proper blood sugar levels, which are regulated by what and when you eat. Let your brain focus on your priorities and goals, not on your hungry stomach.

  3. Change up your normal routine

    Of course, it's not the most comfortable thing ever, but it should be done if you really strive for self-discipline. Once a certain type of behavior becomes a habit, you don't use your decision-making skills and act on auto-pilot. You should break your bad habit and build a new one, and here active decisions are needed. Don't expect it to "feel right". It definitely will take some time, as your brain will fight against the change, but keep working on that to feel it right.

  4. Reward and treat yourself

    Who has told that self-discipline looks only like an execution? You deserve schedule breaks, rewards and treats for yourself after so much effort. Don't be too strict with yourself. It's like a good grade you get from your teacher after you've studied hard. No one has told that self-discipline is an easy task to manage, so don't be stingy and reward yourself, you need it for sure.

  5. Keep moving forward and forgive yourself

    It will go wrong, sometimes not as you've planned; you'll definitely meet failures, but still MOVE ON, no matter what. Your ups and downs mean you are moving forward, and that's great, believe me! Forgive yourself little failures as they still lead you to your goal. Don't wallow in failures; instead keep moving only in a POSITIVE direction, because anger, frustration, and guilt won't help you to build self-discipline.

If you set yourself a question how to improve your self-discipline and cannot find a clear answer, try the suggested ideas to do it right.