In the past 30 years, college tuition fees have drastically increased hence the need of scholarship search. It has become really hard for students to pay for studying, so it is natural that this fact has increased the interest in how to get scholarships for college. Scholarships are a perfect way to pay for college studying without ending up in a lifelong debt. With thorough research of scholarship programs and sufficient preparation, your chances of getting scholarship will increase.

Part I. How and Where to Search for Scholarships?

  1. Search for the information on the Internet

    Start with concrete scholarships that are offered by your school. Try to look for potential options in the scholarship search at the US Department of Labor. You will be able to filter the types of scholarships according to keywords and categories. Besides, such scholarship engines as College Board, Fastweb,, and others will also help you information on grants and scholarships.

  2. Ask your college counselor or academic supervisor for a piece of advice

    Do not be shy to ask professors for help and advice if you cannot cope with the scholarship search on your own. These people are professionals in their field, so they surely know more detailed information about which scholarships are better to apply and, all in all, where to search for them. What is even more important, they will direct you towards a correct choice.

  3. Think of whether there are any benefits that your background might bring

    Some students have more chances than others to receive some financial aid and priority scholarship because of certain ethnic or cultural backgrounds. Carefully analyze whether you have such benefits.

  4. Monitor the deadlines for scholarship enrollment

    Deadlines are a serious matter when it comes to applying for a scholarship. Have enough time for preparing all documents. It is strongly recommended to use some Google calendar or another app that will remind you of the approaching dates.

  5. Be aware of fraudsters

    When applying for a scholarship, make sure that you have not come across fraudsters who want to take your money for some inexplicable services. Besides, it might not only be about money but also personal information fraud. So, be aware.

Part II. Prepare Your Application Form

  1. Make sure you have collected the required documents (personal information and proof of eligibility, financial information, academic records, and transcripts, etc.).
  2. Make a resume highlighting your skills and interest in extracurricular activities. Try to include all activities you have participated while in college. Be specific and logical in the layout of information.
  3. Fill in a copy of the application form before submitting a final version.
  4. Carefully type the information avoiding misprints. Submitting a handwritten version is not the best option as some handwriting is not legible.

Follow these tips and success will not be far from you. Now, you know how to get scholarship for college, so do not miss available opportunities. Or maybe you have some advice on getting scholarship? If yes, feel free to share your thoughts in comments!

Good luck!