When I became a college student, I remember how I was introduced to the main three constituents of successful student life: academic excellence, active social life, and sufficient amount of sleep. The main thing about it is that you can only succeed in two of the three parts. When you are working during college, these three constituents become four. So, here comes the question which of them should be given preference to if you need to look for part time jobs for college students?

Actually, when following some tips relating to how to choose an appropriate part-time job, you can stay afloat of your studying. So, before agreeing on a certain job, take into account the following of its aspects:

  1. Where is the job located?


    Preferably it should be in the vicinities of where you live or study. You should keep in mind that wasting most of your free time on commuting is not the best option.

  2. What are the working hours?


    Agree on the schedule beforehand and make sure that the working schedule does not coincide with your studying (as it is your primary work for a few years so far).

  3. Will you get a reasonable payment?


    Is the job worthy of combining it with your studying and wasting your energy on it? Think twice before agreeing to take it. If you are looking for a job because you need extra money, make sure you will be granted an opportunity to have it.

  4. Is the job relevant to your career?


    Preferably look for a job that is at least slightly adjacent to your major. This way you will gain more practical skills and will have some experience before graduation. So, now, as you have acquainted yourself with a few tips on how to choose a relevant position, go on a job hunt!

Options for Part-Time Jobs:

  1. Customer Assistant in a Book Store


    No, no - books did not die at the time the dinosaurs did - they are still enjoying their popularity. So, try searching for the position of a customer assistant in a book store. This work is more or less calm, you will have an opportunity to meet a lot of nice and interesting people, and you will also be among the first ones to get to know about the newly printed books.

  2. Mechanic at a Bike Shop

    bike shop

    If bikes are your passion and you not only love to ride them but also know something about their mechanics, try looking for a job at some bike repair store.

  3. An Associate at the Boutique Sales


    If fashion is your thing, try searching for a position in some clothes or accessories stores. Besides, you should be a friendly, nice, and communicative person.

  4. Photographer


    Remember that even the most famous photographers were amateurs first. Therefore, do not be afraid of making first steps towards this magnificent profession. If photography is your true passion, find a camera (if you don't have one yet) and try out your skills and talents.